Essential Wisdom Guidance is based on the belief that everyone has an Essential Wisdom that encompasses their essence and guides them into developing their whole self.  Built on various theories and practices related to integral & transpersonal psychology, Mar-y-Sol has developed a unique approach to guide clients in nurturing who they are and who they were meant to be as part of the life coaching process.  

As an Essential Wisdom guide, Mar-y-Sol works with clients on clarifying and achieving their life goals, while also working at a deeper transpersonal level to develop qualities in service of life’s purpose.  Clients find that through engaging in Essential Wisdom work as part of their life coaching process, they are more able to reach their goals and gain invaluable insight in all areas of life. 

As each client is unique, so are the approaches Mar-y-Sol uses based on the client’s specific situation, goals, needs, desires, and path of development.  Essential Wisdom Guidance coaching sessions use a variety of transpersonal, creative, and embodiment methods to help clients tap into their true essence and guide them in nurturing it. Some common methods used in this work are values clarification, guided imagery, self-reflection, creativity, journaling, embodiment practices, meditation, symbolic artwork, and more.  The emphasis is on fostering an on-going process of growth that can gain momentum and bring a more joyful and balanced actualization to the client’s life.  


Why Seek Essential Wisdom Guidance?

Essential Wisdom Guidance allows clients to get individualized support in growing into their true self.  Through the process of discovering and nurturing their true essence, personal growth is not just seen through clients reaching their goals, but through a deep connection with their Self, others, and the world around them.

Is Essential Wisdom Guidance Based In A Particular Religion Or Spiritual Practice?

Essential Wisdom Guidance is not religion-specific or based on a specific spiritual practice and can benefit people of diverse belief systems.  While some spiritual work is incorporated as part of the integral & transpersonal approach, it is focused on the individual’s personal beliefs and how to tap into their Essential Wisdom to discover their interconnectedness with others and the world around them.

Essential Wisdom Guidance Coaching Packages

3-month package

Great choice for those with specific goals they want to address while nurturing their Essential Wisdom.

What You Get

Month 1:  1.5-hour weekly sessions (4 sessions total)

Month 2: 1-hour weekly sessions (4 sessions total)

Month 3: 1-hour bi-weekly sessions (2 sessions total)


Experiential exercises customized to your coaching goals

One 1.5 hour session within 3 months after last session

3 months of text/video messaging between sessions



Best option for those looking for ongoing support and growth with utilizing Essential Wisdom in all areas of life.

What You Get

Months 1 & 2: 1.5-hour weekly sessions (8 total sessions)

Months 3 & 4: 1-hour weekly sessions (8 total sessions)

Months 5 & 6: 1-hour bi-weekly sessions (4 total sessions)


Experiential exercises customized to your coaching goals

Two 1.5 hour sessions within 6 months after last session

6 months of text/video messaging between sessions


Essential Wisdom Coaching is committed to the accessibility of our services for a diverse clientele.  As part of this commitment, we offer flexible and extended payment options on all of our services. Growth should be an investment, not a burden. Inquire here for details.