Education for Life coaching sessions are for clients seeking to improve aspects of their life that benefit from a skill-focused approach.  These coaching sessions assist clients with a variety of life skills that will aid them in becoming more efficient in their personal, career, and family life, while reaching their overall goals.  Areas addressed may include: time management, creating a schedule, work/life/family balance, family organization, chore charts, project planning, and more!  Assessment of client executive functioning skills will also aid in the development of an Education for Life custom program.  

Why Would Anyone Need Education for Life Coaching?

Adults of all ages can benefit from refining their practical life skills, organization, time management, and project planning, allowing for more time to spend on what’s most important in life. 

What Have Other Clients Used Education For Life Coaching Sessions For?

Education for Life coaching sessions are customized to your or your family’s needs.  Whether you are having a hard time balancing work, life, and family responsibilities, or want guidance on how to create a weekly menu to save time and money, Education for Life coaching can help.  Mar-y-Sol has worked with clients to customize coaching plans to assist with creating family chore charts and calendars, creating time in their schedule for what’s most important to them, creating schedules for passion projects, and even how to set up in-home learning environments for homeschooled children and to foster independence for children of all ages.  The possibilities are endless!

Education for Life Coaching

individual sessions

As-needed sessions focused on a particular skill or goal.

$200 per 1-hour session

6-session package

Get the most out of your coaching needs with a custom Education for Life package.

$1000 for six 1-hour sessions

Essential Wisdom Coaching is committed to the accessibility of our services for a diverse clientele.  As part of this commitment, we offer flexible and extended payment options on all of our services. Growth should be an investment, not a burden. Inquire here for details.