Looking to incorporate a transpersonal approach into your work?

Mar-y-Sol works with individuals, businesses, and a variety of organizations to bring her expertise and transpersonal approach into making their vision a reality.  Whether it’s collaboration on a new program, working with teams, presenting workshops, or assessing areas of potential growth, Mar-y-Sol brings her passion, professional experience, talents, as well as her own Essential Wisdom into the partnership.

If you are interested in Essential Wisdom Coaching’s consulting services, please reach out!

I wish [Mar-y-Sol’s Essential Wisdom] could be cloned and sold worldwide to allow all businesses, colleges, and students to benefit from the experience, knowledge and passion that she exhibits . . . Having her to bounce ideas off, work on projects and actively engage in the launch has been so helpful.  I don’t think we could have done it without her.

Jodi A.

Director of Academic Support Services