Are you looking to incorporate an integral & transpersonal approach into your work?

Mar-y-Sol works with individuals, businesses, and a variety of organizations to bring her expertise and integral & transpersonal approach into making their vision a reality.  Whether it’s collaboration on a new program, assessing areas of potential growth, working with teams, presenting workshops, or speaking engagements, Mar-y-Sol brings her passion, professional experience, skills, talents, as well as her own Essential Wisdom™ into the partnership.

If you are interested in Essential Wisdom Coaching’s consulting services, schedule a complimentary consultation to start the discussion.

I wish [Mar-y-Sol’s Essential Wisdom] could be cloned and sold worldwide to allow all businesses, colleges, and students to benefit from the experience, knowledge and passion that she exhibits . . . Having her to bounce ideas off of, work on projects, and actively engage in the launch has been so helpful.  I don’t think we could have done it without her.

Jodi A.

Director of Academic Support Services

Essential Wisdom Coaching’s consulting services have incorporated a variety of Mar-y-Sol’s skills, talents, and 20+ years of professional experience, and are always customized for clients’ needs. Some of our popular consulting offerings include:

Mar-y-Sol is a FitPros workplace wellness speaker with a focus on parent & caregiver support, stress management, productivity, and navigating COVID-19 changes and challenges in work/school/home life. You may choose to access Mar-y-Sol through these speaking engagements as a client of FitPros or directly through Essential Wisdom Coaching.

Essential Wisdom Coaching also offers customized talks, trainings, and workshops for a variety of organizations. Rates vary based on organization type, format of presentation, number of participants, and duration of program.

Typical Investment:

  • $250 – $500 per 1-hour wellness talk
  • $400 – $1000 per 2-hour workshop
  • $1200 – $5000 for a 3-part workshop series
Essential Wisdom Coaching looks forward to working with you in creating a custom program for your organization. Submit a speaking request form to get the process started.

Worldview Explorations™ is a curriculum developed by the Institute of Noetic Sciences and grounded in 40 years of research on the exploration of consciousness and worldview. The curriculum was designed for the purpose to expand our consciousness, shift our perspective on life, and creating new possibilities for how we interact with one another and the world around us, while reigniting our sense of being of service.

This experiential curriculum is based on social-emotional learning practices that address competence in:

  • Self-awareness
  • Social-awareness
  • Relationship Skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving & Decision-making

Essential Wisdom Coaching offers customized programs for youth-serving organizations and schools, organizations that support families, and community organizations & businesses. Custom programs can include individual workshops, workshop series, professional development trainings, team building activities, and more!

*Rates vary based on custom program requirements.

Wisdom Economy™, created by MetaIntegral, is a wonderful way to design one’s life, projects, business, or organization, while simultaneously transforming individuals and the systems they’re connected to. Using the MetaImpact Framework, the Wisdom Economy™ Audit measures 4 Types of Impact with 10 Types of Capital which produce 4 Bottom Lines for your organization. 

The Wisdom Economy™ Audit includes:

  • 1-hour Review Session to discuss current practices & goals for audit
  • Audit of your project and/or organization’s Types of ImpactTypes of Capital, and Bottom Lines
  • Written report of audit findings & recommendations based on your goals
  • Additional information handouts specific to your goals
  • 1.5-hour Enlightened Action Strategy Session to review results and recommended action steps based on your organization’s goals
*Introductory Rate: $600
* Introductory Rate valid through December 2021, after which rate will increase to $1,200.