Essential Wisdom Coaching offers leadership coaching sessions focused on individual client’s leadership goals. Areas addressed as part of the leadership coaching program include strengths-based leadership,  embodied leadership, intuitive leadership, women’s leadership, resume/cover letter assistance, and more.  Coaching sessions use a variety of transpersonal, creative, and embodiment methods, as well as some traditional leadership tools to aid clients in strengthening their personal and professional leadership potential. 

Why Get A Leadership Coach?

Not everyone needs a leadership coach.  This is true.  But for those looking to see quicker and more effective results, leadership coaching can guide you into areas of growth you only imagined.  With someone to walk through goals, challenges, and offer additional insight and support of your leadership potential, clients often wonder why they waited so long to get a leadership coach.

What Types Of Leaders Do You Work With?

Essential Wisdom leadership coaching is for anyone looking to nurture and grow their personal leadership.  For some, this may be work or career-focused.  For others, it may be a way to grow personal leadership through effective communication, setting boundaries, or building confidence in different areas of life.  Whether in the office, in school, or with your family, leadership coaching offers benefits to a diverse clientele.

Mar-y-Sol, the brilliant mind behind Essential Wisdom Coaching is the reason I’m on the pathway I am on.  Her mentorship and leadership is lifechanging. Literally.

Maribel G.

social justice Educator
Instructional coach

Leadership Coaching Packages


This package is perfect for emerging leaders, those looking to explore their unique leadership style, set leadership goals, and target areas of career or personal leadership growth at a deeper level.

What You Get

Month 1 –  1.5 hour weekly sessions (4 sessions total)

Month 2 – 1-hour weekly sessions (4 sessions total)

Month 3 – 1-hour bi-weekly sessions (2 sessions total)


Leadership strengths assessment 

Customized strengths-based leadership goal plan 

One 1.5 hour session within 3 months after last session

3 months of text/video messaging between sessions



This package is ideal for growing more fully into your career or personal leadership style, using a wider variety of Essential Wisdom tools and integral & transpersonal approaches along your path of growth. 

What You Get

Months 1 & 2 – 1.5 hour weekly sessions (8 total sessions)

Months 3 & 4 – 1-hour weekly sessions (8 total sessions)

Months 5 & 6 – 1-hour bi-weekly sessions (4 total sessions)


Leadership strengths assessment 

Customized strengths-based leadership goal plan 

Two 1.5 hour sessions within 6 months after last session

6 months of text/video messaging between sessions


Growth should be an investment, not a burden. Essential Wisdom Coaching is committed to the accessibility of our services for a diverse clientele.  As part of this commitment, we offer financial flexibility in the form of discounted rates for all services, a limited number of scholarships for group coaching, workshops, and special events, and extended payment plans on coaching packages. Contact Mar-y-Sol directly for more information.