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Happy Clients I Have Helped To Change Their Life


“Mar-y-Sol is brilliant. Her style is kind, curious, direct, and potent. She is comfortable in many worlds and wears many hats, which helped me in navigating areas as diverse as multiracial identity questions and career goals. Her ability to understand and mirror back my experience, as well as point out what I was already doing well so I could grow from my strengths is exactly the kind of encouragement I thrive on. She sees the strength and potential in you and coaxes it out in a way that feels like "how did I ever think I couldn't do this? Of course I can." Everyone deserves to have a supportive soul like Mar-y-Sol in their corner."

Olivia D.

“Mar-y-Sol Salinas is a powerhouse of knowledge. As a skilled coach, her strategies offer clarity and meaningful direction. The breadth of her experience encompasses a wide range of support, from transpersonal to leadership coaching. In this new world of video conferencing, she makes real connections by her warm energy. I wholeheartedly recommend Mar-y-Sol’s coaching services to anyone wanting professional and personal development.."

Julie D.

“Mar-y-Sol has been a tremendous help for my personal and business goals. She has helped me feel more aligned with my goals. I have been able to organize my thoughts and details in order to take action best suited for me. I am incredibly thankful and I know I will turn to her to help me again. I cannot say enough about her lovely services!! Thank you!”

Adrianne O.

“Mar-y-Sol, the brilliant mind behind Essential Wisdom Coaching is the reason I’m on the pathway I am on. Her mentorship and leadership is lifechanging. Literally.”

Maribel G.

“I wish [Mar-y-Sol’s Essential Wisdom] could be cloned and sold worldwide to allow all businesses, colleges, and students to benefit from the experience, knowledge and passion that she exhibits . . . Having her to bounce ideas off of, work on projects, and actively engage in the launch has been so helpful. I don’t think we could have done it without her.”

Jodi A.